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The Love Creek Nursery now grafts apple trees each year at their Love Creek nursery located on Hwy 16 in the town of Medina. There eleven different varieties of apple trees can be purchased for small or large orchard installations. Individual trees can be purchased for your own gardens at the Apple Store in town. The nursery has expanded to include additional fruit trees such as figs, persimmons, and blackberries and native trees such as the Big Tooth Maple, cypress trees, cherry, chinquapin oak and more.

Big Tooth Maples (Acer grandidentatum)

These beautiful maple trees are called “Lost” because there are a few small native populations in such places as the Wichita Mountains, Fort Hood, Lost Maples Park and the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas, all hundreds of miles apart and “lost” from other maples. Each population is a relic of the last Ice Age, 10,000 years ago, and the localities in which they have found refuge and survived are canyons with perennial streams. When conditions are right in the fall, the Lost Maples put on a breathtaking display of blazing autumn foliage with spectacular hues of scarlet, gold, orange, yellow, and burgundy.

Lost Maples are native hardwood trees that will thrive not only in the rocky, alkaline soils of the Hill Country and Central Texas, but most other soils too. Many thousands of Lost Maples have been planted throughout the state in various soil types since we started growing them in 1982. They are virtually disease and insect free, and are not susceptible to Oak Wilt. With proper fertilization and care, they will grow rapidly at a rate of three to four feet a year and live for hundreds of years. It’s great beauty and adaptability make it one of Texas’ most desirable trees. It has very upright growth and durable wood, making it ideal for street plantings.

  • A hardy Texas native tree with no disease or insect problems
  • Immune to Oak Wilt
  • Provides a brilliant display of Fall Color
  • Drought tolerant, a native of dry climates
  • Grows in any kind of soil, but is an excellent choice in thin, rocky, alkaline or caliche soils where other varieties struggle
  • Grows 3 or 4 feet a year with proper fertilization
  • A durable hardwood that lives hundreds of years
  • Attains a height of 50 feet

Please Note

Due to the popularity of our trees, there has been a shortage of them for several years, but we now have a large supply of 5 gallon Maple trees available. We will have larger trees in Winter 2009.

If you have been waiting for trees, thanks for your patience!

5 Gallon Maple Trees are available at The Apple Store every day from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Visit our Medina location to purchase Bigtooth Maple Trees. You’ll also find our delicious apple goodies & yummy Fresh Apple Ice Cream. You’ll enjoy the drive through the Texas Hill Country to the Cider Mill and Country Store in Medina for a memorable experience.

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