Orchard Tours

Love Creek Orchards, Pioneers of the Texas Apple Industry, invites you and your group to visit our orchards for a first hand view of how growing apples in Texas began.  You will get the opportunity to visit the orchards and see how the very first commercial apple orchard in Texas and the very first commercial dwarf apple orchard in the United States began on dwarf root stock.

We will share with you planting, pruning and harvesting as well as innovative methods of dealing with apple thieves such as deer, raccoons, rabbits and neighbors.  We will also explore healthy approaches to dealing with pests such as birds, bugs and diseases. Tours will also include a visit to the Apple Store where we manufacture over 50 different “value added” items made from apples.

Tours cost $5.00 per person and require a minimum of 15 people.  Lunches can also be included at the Apple Store or on the grounds of the Orchard, weather providing.  For reservations contact Genie Strickland at 210-215-1995.

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