The Apple Store

When Baxter and Carol Adams started growing apples they needed a place to sell their apples in town.  They purchased a little rock house in the middle of  Medina and put their apples on a table in the front room.  Folks from everywhere heard about the “sweet” apples grown in Texas and they flocked to the little rock house to buy them.

“Everyone wanted to know what else we had,” said Carol.  “We decided to add some local arts and crafts and then we started adding jams and jellies folks had made with our apples.”  It did not take long and the store began to grow.  Adding “value added” products was a natural and theAdams’s began making  jams, jellies, sauces and butters and of course they added apple pie.  Success of the products grew and visitors wanted to have their wonderful jars of apple goodies and Love Creek’s fresh baked goods year round.

Several years ago, the Food Network featured The Apple Store on their segment “Food Finds”.  Orders from across the nation poured in for the now famous “Five pounds of Apples in Every Pie” delight.

The Apple Store is now a well known tourist destination. In 2007 Baxter and Carol began to slowly retire and they sold the Apple Store to Bryan and Stacie Hutzler.  Bryan and Stacie love the store and work hard to continue to offer the same apple experience to everyone that visits.  There work has paid off!  Last year, The Apple Store’s Patio Café was named one of the “Best 40 Small Town Cafes in Texas”  by Texas Monthly Magazine.  This year our Apple Pie received the vote for the “Best Apple Pie inTexas” by Texas Monthly Magazine as well.

What goes well with apple pie?  Ice Cream of course and you absolutely can not visit the Apple Store without a cup or cone of Love Creek Orchard’s delicious Apple Ice Cream!

In addition to all of the apple goodies and great lunch items at the Patio Café, The Apple Store offers great gift items with, of course, an apple theme.  There you can also purchase dwarf apple trees selected for your area so you too can have fresh picked apples in season.

Be sure to visit The Apple Store whenever you are in the area.  The Apple Store is open seven days a week from 9am until 5 pm.  Stop by for a visit.  We always have something delicious cooking!

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